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Terms and Conditions

“So, are there any rules?”

Unfortunately, the answer is yes, but they are for your benefit as much as mine. The list is not exhaustive so please take your time to read through, as it has a few areas that I must discuss with you and they need to be covered.  If you need me to clarify any points, then please bring it/them up at the first lesson.  If you do not raise any concerns, then I will presume that you agree with and will abide by its content.

“So, what are the rules?”

All lessons are paid for, two weeks in advance. A pre-agreed time is set for the lesson each week.

A minimum of seven days is required to request a change of lesson time. A change of time is not guaranteed because this depends on the flexibility of other learners.

If I arrive at your home and you are not there for your lesson, you will be charged for the lesson. Sorry!

Should you wish to take a holiday, you will be required to pay a retainer of half the fee for each lesson missed. This will ensure that your lessons will continue when you return. However, this is if you take up to four weeks holiday. Anymore than four and I will ask you to pay the full amount to retain the lessons.

Should you become ill and unable to do a lesson, I will allow a cancellation, but if illness becomes a regular excuse for cancelling then I will have no choice but to charge you for the missed lesson(s).

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I was a late bloomer.  I was a kinda shy little kid, definitely a child of the dark side.  I wanted to play guitar and be in a rock band.

Yul Vazquez   

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All I ask is that you give full consideration if you need to cancel your lesson. As lessons are paid for in advance you are committing yourself to a regime which requires a certain amount of dedication on your behalf, which is why you agree a time for your lesson each week.  

There, that wasn’t so bad!

But don’t forget the three most important rules,

Practice……. Practice………. Practice……!

Good Luck!


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