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Shaun Egan

     Shaun Egan - Tutor

I have been playing guitar for over 40 years and teaching since 1994.  I play mainly contemporary styles, Blues, Rock, Metal, Pop, Folk, Jazz, Country and Western.  I have musical links with several other people in the UK who utilise me for session recording work and assist with songwriting.  

I teach to London College of Music Standard and my students have a great history of successful passes with the Registry of Guitar Tutors Guitar Examinations, Grades 1-8.

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EVH Wolfgang - This is my main guitar.  I started learning in the ‘70s but I really became enthused by advanced guitarists techniques and who would be  a more appropriate example of ‘Rock God’ other than Eddie Van Halen, to name but a few.   www.evhgear.com

Martin DX-1R - The ‘go to’ guitar manufacturer for quality and tone. I can’t say how much the acoustic guitar has influenced my playing over the years.  Investment in a playable instrument is key to sounding good and make learning enjoyable.  A guitar doesn’t have to be expensive to sound and play well, but to sound amazing...!


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